Double River Record started to tell the story of two brothers. With the new addition of releasing the same song with different arrangements by each band. The brother i.D.A, who bears the name of Abel, are to make a big noise in the scene, has started!

■ First of all, please tell us about the concept of the band.

i.D.A., a secret society that destroys adults and traitors who cannot be judged by the law.

■ Please introduce yourself.

Vo. Xenon, King of the Two Faces
Gt. Rion, Bishop of False Love
Gt. Rize, Bishop of Cunning
Ba. Near, Knight of Rebellion
Dr. Naki, Rook of Madness

■ I've heard that many bands are like brothers, but I've never heard of an official brother band.

Xenon: We are always watching them as sinners, we're now dealing together to bring them to justice at any moment we can.

■ What do you think of your brother band NETH PRIERE CAIN?

Xenon: They’re a good opponent that are to be defeated sooner or later.

■ A Split-cd was released immediately after the start. Which of the 4 tracks are yours?

Xenon: Track 3, 「ill fame」has an aggressive finish that symbolizes us as i.D.A. And Track 4 「Break free」is in contrast to 「ill fame」, a song with a message of seeking freedom.


■ The song 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」 was released on January 30th, and the same song was arranged differently by i.D.A and NETH PRIERE CAIN. What's the feeling behind the i.D.A's 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」 version?

Xenon: We paid close attention to every detail to make sure that it would never leave the mind of those who heard it.


■ How does the coupling song「Wrath」 express its individuality?

Xenon: It has a heavy sound which gives the taste of i.D.A, also it has a vigorous melody with the theme of anger.

■ Please share with us a few words about 「hatred」which is included in the B-TYPE.

Xenon: It has become the most aggressive and intense song we have made.

■ You're going on a release tour with NETH PRIERE CAIN. What kind of stimulation will you receive from touring together?

Xenon: The most stimulating thing is to see how each other's "Mythical Twin Star Chronicle" grows as we perform.

■ Is there anything that you don't want to lose?

Xenon: Leadership.

■ Please tell us about your enthusiasm for the tour final on May 31st at ell.SIZE.

Xenon: NETH PRIERE CAIN have the same weapon, the 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」 and we will never lose to them.

■ Thank you very much for answering this interview. Finally, do you have a message for Vijuttoke readers?

Xenon: We, the members of i.D.A, need your help to achieve our goals. we'll be waiting for you at the venue.
Double River Recordが2019年にお届けする兄弟の物語同じ楽曲を各バンドのアレンジによってリリースするという新新さでシーンを騒がせる兄アベルの名を冠す者i.D.A始動!




Vo. 双面のキング Xeno
Gt. 虚愛のビショップ リオン
Gt. 狡猾のビショップ リゼ
Ba. 反逆のナイト ニア
Dr. 狂激のルーク 啼



■兄バンドNETH PRIERE CAINをどのように思っていますか?



Xeno:Tr.3「illl fame」は我らi.D.Aを象徴するような攻撃的な仕上がりになっています。 そしてTr.4「Break free」は「illl fame」とは対照的で、自由を求めるというメッセージ性を歌った曲になっています。

■そして1月30日にリリースになりました「神話双星記」は同じ楽曲をi.D.ANETH PRIERE CAINにて別アレンジにてリリースになったわけですがi.D.Aの「神話双星記」はどのような仕上がりになっていますか?






■リリースツアーをNETH PRIERE CAINと回っていくわけですが一緒に回ってどのような刺激を受けていくのでしょうか?







Xeno: 我々i.D.Aの目的にはみなさんの力が必要です。会場で待っています。

Bassist Near and Drummer Naki have left i.D.A in the meanwhile, however their answers are still fun and interesting, so please enjoy reading!

■――i.D.A, It’s your first appearance on ViSULOG. so, please introduce yourself.

i.D.A are:
Vocalist, Xenon, King of the Two Faces
Guitarist, Rion, Bishop of False Love
Guitarist, Rize, Bishop of Cunning
Bass, Near, Knight of Rebellion
Drummer, Naki, Rook of Madness

■――Please tell us how i.D.A was formed.
Xenon: For me to be me.
Rion: The band was formed to satisfy my desire for approval.
Rize: I was the last member to be chosen, but Near persuaded me to join the band.
Near: Because I had ideal members that gathered together.
Naki: It was formed by a bunch of guys with a common goal.

■――Please tell us the origin of the band name i.D.A.

Xenon, Rion, Rize, Near & Naki: Abel's evil deeds.

Rize: There is a theme of Abel and Cain, and we are on the side of Abel, but the name of the band represents the evil that Abel causes.

■――Please tell us why you decided to release the same track 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」 together with your brother band NETH PRIERE CAIN.
Xenon: I wanted to see which one of us would lose.
Rion: Sibling rivalry in a good way.
Rize: It's a battle of wills between siblings. Both of them hate to lose.
Near: We wanted to fight with the same weapon called 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」 .
Naki: This is to fight in a straightforward manner with NETH PRIERE CAIN, my brother and rival.

■――What do you think i.D.A and NETH PRIERE CAIN have in common?
Xenon: A group of socially incompatible people.
Rion: Attitude to stand up to any obstacle.
Rize: We both have different ways of expressing ourselves, but we use the same weapon; music, to do justice.
Near: That we don't need to choose the means to achieve our goals
Naki: That we have a strong will for any goal

■――Conversely, what do you think is "different" between i.D.A and NETH PRIERE CAIN?
Xenon: Red and Blue
Rion: The fact that I am here.
Rize: The form of justice that we believe in.
Near: How to show the final goal.
Naki: Number of members.

■――As a band of brothers, please tell us some brother stories.
Xenon: I got into a fight with my brother because he wouldn't get out of the way of the mirror.
Rion: Every day, we have each other's tensions, but we also respect each other.
Rize: We are both so competitive that we are on the edge of our seats every day.
Near: We have just been born, so we will continue to create our story.
Naki: Sometimes we have deep conversations that can only happen because we are looking at each other from a close distance.

■――Please tell us your concept of「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」.
Xenon: Going on our own road, believing in our own worth.
Rion: Heading into the right direction to our goal.
Rize: Light, guidepost.
Near: Two different things, two different stars.
Naki: A way of life.

■――The coupling song is "Wrath". What kind of song is this?
Xenon: This is a song for those who are "cute and unavoidable" , those who are always concerned about their own public's perception and hiding their dirty stuff behind a clean slate.
Rion: Violent, profound and delicate.
Rize: The song is intense and delicate, also Xenon's raw emotions were firmly put into the song. When you watch this song LIVE please feel the momentum of energy which will approach you.
Near: It's a profound song that reveals the emotion of anger.
Naki: A rough song that brings out the feelings of anger.

■――Another coupling song is "hatred". What kind of song is this?
Xenon: I wrote down the anger and hatred that I have inside of me. It's a song where I spit out the things I do to myself against other people as a poison.
Rion: My lethal weapon that allows me to express my emotions with all my might.
Rize: It's a song that allows me to expel the negative energy that I have built up inside of me.
Near: Among most things, the song is aggressive and has no gaps.
Naki: It is a song that is both aggressive and rambunctious!

■――Is there anything that you can compare with someone else?
Xenon: My/Your own worth.
Rion: Worth of existence.
Rize: I guess it's my self-worth because I'm kind of jealous.
Near: Worth of my existence.
Naki: Physique.

■――NETH PRIERE CAIN & i.D.A 1st SINGLE 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」 release commemoration TOUR FINAL, Please tell us your enthusiasm for the two-man.
Xenon: I will beat my brothers to death.
Rion: I will continue to improve myself and express my emotions every day so that I can be loved and accepted by many people. And I will not lose to my brothers.
Rize: I'm just going to put my emotions on the guitar and play whatever I feel. I wish that you would keep your eyes on me.
Near: When we are playing I want to ask the question, “How is each other's 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」growing live?”. I am going to make sure we won’t be the losers!
Naki: I will believe in my own power and go wild.

■――Finally, do you have a message for your ViSULOG readers?
Xenon: You are the ones who make our existence worthwhile. Even if you're not interested, please see us live at least once. Then decide from there. I'll be waiting.
Rion: I'm going to be the best thing that's ever happened to you. Please come to our show and let out all your emotions. I'll take it all in.
Rize: I believe that i.D.A will become your vitality for life. I'll be the one to let you let out the feelings you can't let out, the negative emotions you've stored up.
Near: Don't miss any part of the battle between our two stars. Witness the historic moment.
Naki: We are what we are without you. Help us!

Personal Questions

■――Who are your favorite artists and influences?
Xenon: girugamesh、404 not found.
Rion: hide、SYU、B'z、SIAM SHADE、RAZOR、lynch., Alexi Laiho、Michael Amott.
Rize: ユナイト、Anison.
Near: GLAY.
Naki: Avenged Sevenfold, Shane Gaalaas.

■――How did you get into music?
Xenon: I got into music as a result of going through tough times.
Rion: I wanted to be accepted by the people around me.
Rize: I thought it was appropriate to captivate people's hearts.
Near: To eliminate the sins of the world with the power of music.
Naki: Because it's boring to just live.

■――What is the latest craze in the band? Xenon: I guess you could say vaping is?
Rion: Putting a frisk in someone's water.
Rize: Dissociation.
Near: Playing chess.
Naki: Dissociation.

■――What are your favorite fashion and color trends?
Xenon: Something not too plain. I would like more silver accessories wrapped around my arms.
Rion: Hoodies, skinny jeans, caps, T-shirts, sneakers. Black and white, Bordeaux.
Rize: Easy to move, cute. Not too conspicuous colors.
Near: An outfit suitable for hiding.
Naki: Band T-shirt, monotone.

■――Do you have any habits or habits you want to quit?
Xenon: I'm worried that the other me is screwing things up.
Rion: If I don’t receive enough love, I’ll get crazy.
Rize: When a member is talking, sometimes randomly cutting in suddenly while they are telling a story.
Near: To feel completely black without having any thoughts.
Naki: If I don't like something, I don’t dare to say so.

■――What makes you happy when you're doing something?
Xenon: I'm happy when I sing.
Rion: When I was making love to you.
Rize: Of course playing songs live makes me happy.
Near: When I'm delivering the bass to the queens.
Naki: When grooming an instrument to go on a rampage.

■――What are your treasures?
Xenon: Our place.
Rion: Those who love me.
Rize: Beliefs to follow the path that seems right to you.
Near: It's all about i.D.A. and the queens.
Naki: All the guys who rampage together.

■――Which country would you like to visit?
Xenon: Nothing in particular. I don't like to go out.
Rion: I go wherever you need me.
Rize: I wanna go inside the human mind, but not the superficial part.
Near: I wanna go to an innocent country.
Naki: I want to go anywhere where there is a stage.

■――What do you want to challenge from now on?
Xenon: Physical transformation.
Rion: I want to become more beautiful.
Rize: Psychology.
Near: To find out how close we can get to our true goal.
Naki: Challenging the purpose of i.D.A, which is still currently in progress.

■――Please give yourself a word to say something to yourself 10 years from now!
Xenon: Do we still coexist?
Rion: Love, do you remember it?
Rize: If you're still smiling ten years from now, you've come to the right place, I suppose?
Near: Are you getting closer to your goal than you are now? If not, you need to purify more deeply.
Naki: Whatever the future holds, keep drumming.


リオン:Gt.虚愛のビショップ リオンです。
リゼ:Gt.狡猾のビショップ リゼです。
ニア:Ba.反逆のナイト ニアです。
啼:Dr.狂激のルーク 啼!


啼:共通の目的を持った奴らが集まって出来ました。 ――i.D.Aというバンド名の由来を教えて下さい

――今回、兄弟バンドNETH PRIERE CAINと同タイトル曲「神話双星記」をリリースすることになった経緯を聞かせて下さい。
啼:兄弟でありライバルでもあるNETH PRIERE CAINとわかりやすい形で戦う為です。

――i.D.AとNETH PRIERE CAINに共通していると思う部分はどこですか?
ニア: 目的を達成する為には手段を選ばない所。

――逆に、i.D.AとNETH PRIERE CAINとで「ここは違う」と思う部分はどこですか?




――NETH PRIERE CAIN & i.D.A 1st SINGLE「神話双星記」発売記念 TOUR FINAL ツーマンへの意気込みを聞かせてください。